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Nov 24, 2013 8:30pm PST
down, you have to have it. certainly don't want to give it back to tom brady one more time. >> al: especially not after an incomplete pass with just a couple of seconds off the clock. third and ten. manning down the sideline floats and it's incomplete. demaryius thomas was there, tried to hook it into his body. covered by talib and it's fourth down. they'll punt with 38 seconds. >> cris: i don't think you can play it better than talib right here. watch him. he's going to put pressure on him for the first five yards. after five yards you have to release it, go up and make the play on the ball. so this great fistfight of a battle between these two all stars on the outside comes down to that one and who knows. tom brady with one more shot. >> al: talib playing with a strained hip. all over thomas all night long as colquitt's kick, they put the rush on that time. takes a good denver hop but it eats more clock as well on its way down the sideline. they'll spot the ball at the 11 yard line. 28 seconds remaining. afc playoff picture right now, of course a lot depends on what's going to h
Nov 28, 2013 8:30pm PST
know, they tried to go the double trick-a-roo. >> al: and the left-footed kick. >> cris: i don't know. not the pittsburgh steelers way, you know? sometimes you can trick yourself into things, but what a football game. i tell you, if they play 16 straight times and they wanted us to do them all, i would do them all. it's a fantastic rivalry. >> al: so nine of the last ten, if this one holds, 22-20, will be decided by three or fewer points. pittsburgh takes its final time-out. baltimore can end the game on two kneel downs. >> cris: you have to think a little bit about the pittsburgh steelers now moving forward now with the rash of injuries they've got there on that last little series. >> al: they're going to be 5-7. they have three of their last four at home. right now you have denver, new england, indy and cincinnati as the division leaders. kansas city could be the number one wild card at the moment. baltimore would be number two as this game comes to a finish. the others are in a hunt. but a huge win for the baltimore ravens and a bitter loss to the pittsburgh steelers. as they head
Nov 3, 2013 8:30pm PST
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Nov 10, 2013 8:30pm PST
or seven aignments in the game and almost every one them cost em big. i don't think we've circd one busted coverage. i don't think 've seen one blown gap assignment. and they've en doing it with a t of backups in ther humber is aying a lot of this game. he played well. >> al: and romo is going to get sacked at the five yard line. so just a ton of ugly number for the cowboys tonighno what or which side of theall you look at. 0 for 9 on third down and another sa here. >> cris: well, somebody has got to explain to me why tonromo is in the game at this point. i'm sure there's a good explanation. here is debryant. he has almost given up on the outside. >> al: it's fourth down and 26. from the end zone. darren sproles takes the jones punt and brings it back to the 48 yard ne. wellaround the nfl today, how about the von austin, the rookie forhe rams. third player in nfl story, three touchdowns of 50 yards or more before his 23rd birthday the rams gto indianapolis and shock the colts. 38-8. nick foles, sen touchdowns last week in oakland, goes io green bay and leads them to a win. philadphia right
Nov 17, 2013 8:30pm PST
the defensive coordinator. the are times i tell my backs, i don't know what toell you. it's not that od. >>l: all the way down. trying tconvert at third and 8, 7:08, throws and the pass incomplete intended r demaryius thomas the clock stops at 3:51 and may get the ball back. >> cris: good step-up to get away from the pressure by hali but couldn't me the pivot and throw ainst the grain. m sure that torqued e high ankle sprain so the iefs will have a chance. >> al: for the night, couitt, his brother has nted seven times on the other side. 23 yard line. he reaches the 30 yard line. moee ball makes the tackle. 3:38 remning in the fourth. >> cris: nobody talks out this but it's been seation ago. justeen sensational. that was a big opportunity. there was room thereor dexter mccluster. >> al:o time-outs for k.c., the situation where yogo either way, touchdown, field goal preferable for us or field goal, touchdown. atever it takes. first things first. trying to geinto field goal range. a throw and reaching back for it and great catch was mccluster along the delines, rodgers-cromartie right there wit
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5